The beauty of Crete unfolds in the spectacular Stage 1

The beauty of Crete unfolds in the spectacular Stage 1

The cyclists will get the first taste of the ΔΕΗ Tour OF Hellas with a tough, yet stunning, ride in Crete, starting from Heraklion, the island’s largest city. A route towards the south and then up north will lead the group of the riders to Rethymnon.

Next stop and Day 1 final destination will be the western part of the island, the picturesque old port of Chania.

Without any doubt the mapmakers created a demanding stage, with action taking place mostly on the outskirts of Lefka Ori (White Mountains).
The diversity and the geomorphology of Crete is clearly visible from the very first kilometre, in a unique landscape that combines mountains with gorges and the vast coastline.

The beginning of Stage 1 of the ΔΕΗ Cycling Tour of Hellas, which comes back to life after a ten-year hiatus, will occur in front of the Pankritio stadium (Lido), located on the western side of Heraklion, not far from the main crossroad which provides easy access to all visitors.

The riders will then move south towards the plain of Messara and the homonymous beautiful bay.

The group of the riders will cycle between small villages like Dafniew, Kerasia, Prinias, towards Aghi Varvara, where will be the starting point of the most challenging part of Stage 1, as participants will be facing two back to back altitude sprints.

The first in front of the theme park of Kritagenis Zeus and the second after Fourfouras in Kouroutes.

The early stage of the route is going through places that lead to gorges surrounding the area,

On the descent to the city of Rethymnon, the peloton will surely speed up to bridge the gap with the leading group! The Stage’s orientation now alters along with the area’s relief, as the cyclists follow the road to Rethymno beach and the Venetian Fort, Fortezza.

A coastal ride during the warmest hours for the day, comes next, with the bay of Almyros on their right providing cyclists with a little breeze - a significant boost which will help them intensify their efforts as they head from Atsipopoulos to Georgioupolis, and then to the slightly higher ground of Nio Chorio, as they enter the Regional Unit of Chania.

With only a few kilometres left until the finish line, a great battle is expected to unfold on the narrow road between the villages of Stylo and Malaxa.

Starting from Nerokourou, a settlement inhabited since the Minoan period (3500 BC – 1100 BC), the peloton will sprint until they cross the finish line outside Neoria, in the Old Port of Chania, to end the 190.1 kilometres Cretan saga.


Heraklion, Gournes, Voute, Dafnes, Kerasia, Prinias, Aghia Varvara, Panasos, Makres, CretanZeus Park (Vorizai) (intermediate sprint - altitude), Lochria, Platanos, Fourfouras, Kouroutes (intermediate sprint – altitude), Patsos, Charkia, Rethymnon (intermediate sprint – sea level), Atsipopoulo, Giorgoupoli, Nio Chorio, Stylo, Malaxa (intermediate sprint - altitude), Nerokourou, Chania.





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