Stage 3 journey begins from Delphi, the "Navel of the Earth"

Stage 3 journey begins from Delphi, the "Navel of the Earth"

The route of Stage 3 is literally one of the most beautiful ever designed and will surely mesmerise the riders and their crew on the third day of action at the ΔΕΗ Cycling Tour of Hellas.

The spirit of Pythia the Oracle and High Priestess of Delphi will enlighten the adventurers, like she used to do with the warriors in ancient times. The starting line has been located close to Pytho, the sanctuary of the Delphinians, a unique monument of the cultural heritage of the ancient times dedicated to the Greek god Apollo.

The natural terrain of the surrounding area will take cyclists on a trip that will take their breath away and offer cycling fans a fascinating spectacle.

Delphi, often called the "Navel of the Earth", a spiritual centre and a symbol of unity of the ancient Greek civilization, steals the show and aspires to spread a message of peace and solidarity to the whole world.

The Museum of Delphi will be the starting point of the Tour’s third episode. The peloton will then cycle westwards to the village of Chrissos, located at an altitude of 200 m., right above Eleonas, Amfissa’s vast olive grove.

After passing through the city of Amfissa, cyclists will ascend to the "red" slopes of Parnassos, passing by Voxites.

A descend to Gravia comes right after, next is Bralos, located at the foot of Mount Kallidromo, at an altitude of 530 m., and then off to the city of Lamia, where another intermediate sprint, expected to attract several cycling fans, takes place.

The route continues towards Lianokladi, known for its homonymous Railway Station. The riders will leave the land of Ypati behind and head north, asceding the western slopes of Mount Othris to reach the village of Trilofo located at 580 m. altitude, some 33 kms far from Lamia.

The route becomes exquisite as the group enters the Region of Thessaly and the land of ancient Dolopi, where the artificial Lake Smokovo coexists with the peaks of Agrafa.

From the Lake onwards, the landscape descends and riders will cycle at high speed to reach the Prefecture of Karditsa on a fairly technical terrain, passing from the historic village of Kallifoni, as well as Agiopigi, located 6 kms outside the city of Karditsa!

The long final straight outside the Municipal Stadium of Karditsa, will entertain the spectators with what is expected to be one of the most spectacular finishes of the Tour.

Friday 29 April: / Stage 3: Delphi - Lamia - Karditsa - 170.7 km

Route: Delphi (Museum), Chrissos, Eleonas, Amfissa, Voxites (intermediate sprint - climbing), Gravia, Bralos, Lamia (intermediate sprint - straight), Lianokladi (intermediate sprint - straight), Trilofo (intermediate sprint - climbing), Lake Smokovo, Agrafa, Kallifoni, Agiopigi, Municipal Stadium of Karditsa





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