The Tour’s shortest stage takes us to the amazing rock formation of Meteora and Lake Pamvotida

The Tour’s shortest stage takes us to the  amazing rock formation of Meteora and Lake Pamvotida

The highlight of the ΔΕΗ Cycling Tour of Greece is expected to be the 5th stage which includes an exciting route aiming to dazzle cycling fans worldwide.

The Tout’s final “royal” stage, may be the shortest, but favours high speed thanks to the slope of the terrain leading to Lake Ioannina.

The start takes place in Kalampaka against the backdrop of the rock formations of Meteora. A climb to one of the world’s most impressive and special geological monuments with immense natural pillars and hill-like rounded boulders, follows.

The peloton will ride around the second in importance, only to Mount Athos Greek, Orthodox monastery-complex until they return to the centre of Kalampaka. Then they head towards the Pindos mountain range, with the passage of Katara, “waiting” to challenge the cyclists.

The legendary mountain route with steep gradients, leads the group to Katara (=curse) Pass at an altitude of 1700 m., the highest point of the whole Tour.

From there the cyclists begin to descend at an extreme speed, passing outside the town of Metsovo and the famous cheese Factory "Averof Tositsa", having Tzoumerka peaks in front of them. A few kilometres later they reach Mount Mitsikeli with a view to the city of Ioannina.

The descent to Pamvotida, the famous Lake of Ioannina, crosses a breath-taking landscape, one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

The grand finale of the ΔΕΗ Cycling Tour of Greece, takes place in the lake shore named Akti Miaouli, where cyclists will finish next to the city castle with a view to the lake’s island.

Sunday May 1 / Stage 5: Meteora (Kalampaka) - Ioannina - 154.5 kms

Route: Kalampaka (intermediate sprint - straight), Meteora round, Kalampaka, Katara Pass (intermediate sprint - straight), Metsovo, Tzoumerka, Mazia (intermediate sprint - straight), Ioannina, Akti Miaouli (intermediate sprint - straight).





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