Brilliant line-up of strong UCI Continental Teams at the ΔΕΗ International Cycling Tour of Hellas

Brilliant line-up of strong UCI Continental Teams at the ΔΕΗ International Cycling Tour of Hellas

The UCI Continental Teams that are set to start at the ΔΕΗ Cycling Tour of Greece are all extremely competitive and their respective line-ups are a testimony of the fight that will unfold at the revival of the Hellenic Tour.

Continental Teams may not be a match for Pro Tour teams but their riders will surely challenge for the Tour’s jerseys.

Allinq Continental Cycling Team
Country: Netherlands
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: ALQ
Year of Establishment: 2021
Official website:
Twitter: allinqct
Facebook: allinqcontinentalcyclingteam
Instagram: allinq_continental_cyclingteam

In 2022: At the Olympia's Tour in the Netherlands, the won the team time trial in stage 1. This is their sole 2022 victory to date.

In brief
It’s one of the newest teams in the circuit, since it was founded in September 2021. Their riders are mostly Dutch and they are highly ambitious, as per team’s management. Their bikes are Apex.

Astana Qazakhstan Development Team
Country: Kazakhstan
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: AQD
Year of Establishment: 2022
Official website: (core team)
Twitter: AstanaQazDev
Facebook: AstanaQazaqstanTeam (core team)
Instagram: astanaqazdev

In 2022: Colombian Harold Martin Lopez narrowly missed victory in stage 21 of the Istarsko Proljeće – Istrian Spring Trophy finishing in second place.

In brief
This is the development team of Astana Qazaqstan. It consists of U23 cyclists and their goal is to develop domestic youngsters, and prepare them for the first team in the years to come. Their front man is former Olympic champion, Alexander Vinokurov, whose twin sons, Nicolas and Alexander, are competing for the team. Development Astana uses Wilier Triestina bikes.

BHS-PL Beton Bornholm
Country: Denmark
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: BPC
Year of Establishment: 2015
Official Website:
Twitter: -
Facebook: bhsalmeborgbornholm
Instagram: bhsplbetonbornholm

In 2022: The Tour of Hellas will be their second race of this year's Europe Tour, after G.P. Paliodel Recioto - Trofeo (April 19).

In brief
It consists exclusively of Danish cyclists. The team is the successor of Bornholm Pro Cycling that started in 2010 by the Andreasen family, focusing mainly on the emergence of young athletes from Denmark. It uses Phyton bikes.

Dukla Banska Bystrica
Country: Slovakia
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: DKB
Year of Establishment: 2004
Official website:
Twitter: -
Facebook: duklabanskabystricacycling/?Fref=ts
Instagram: duklacyclingteam

In 2022: They have yet to score a win this season. They participated in all Rhodes events in March. At the International Tour of Rhodes, Tobias Vanco was 7th in the second stage, which is the best placement of a Dukla Banska Bystrica rider so far in 2022.

In brief
They started from Trencin. In 2009 they had in their ranks the future world champion and superstar of professional cycling, Peter Sagan, helping him to evolve. In 2016 they merged with CK Banská Bystrica, for financial reasons. Their bikes are Menda.

Bolton Equities Black Spoke Pro Cycling
Country: New Zealand
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: BEB
Year of Establishment: 2020
Official website:
Twitter: blackspokenz
Facebook: blackspokenz

In 2022: They did great in the New Zealand Cycle Classic (2.2) with a victory in the overall standings and the conquest of the yellow jersey by Mark Stewart, who also won stages 2 and 4. In the 3rd stage the winner was Reagan Gough, while they also won stage 1 team time trial.

In brief
It’s a rather new team from New Zealand that consists of local riders and is managed by Scott Guyton, a former professional cyclist and a two-time Olympian. Their bikes are Pinarello.

Giotti – Victoria Savini Due
Country: Romania
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: GTS
Year of Establishment: 2018
Official website:
Twitter: team_GTV
Facebook: GiottiVictoriaSaviniDueTeam
Instagram: giottivictoria_savinidue_team

In 2022: At the Grand Prix Megasaray (1.2) in Turkey, Nicolas Dalla Valle took third place, which is the best placement of the team, for the time being, in 2022.

In brief
Italians are playing a big part in the team’s management as well as in the line-up. Andrea Guardini who boasts a victory in a stage of Giro 2012 has been the star-athlete of the team. They use Focus bikes.

Tarteletto Isorex
Country: Belgium
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: TIS
Year of Establishment: 2010
Official website:
Twitter: -
Instagram: tartelettoisorex

In 2022: Gianni Marchand with the third place in stage 7 of the Tour du Rwanda has brought the best result so far for them in 2022.

In brief
It’s a typical Belgian team with local athletes and Belgian-made bicycles, Zannata. Their moniker is "Yellow Vikings" invented by their loyal supporters. Greek Champion, Polychronis Tzortzakis (2018, 2019) had been a member of the team in the past.

Mg. K Vis-Colors for Peace VPM
Country: Italy
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: MGK
Year of Establishment: 2014
Official website:
Twitter: MgTeamKvis
Facebook: mgkvisvpm
Instagram: olmo_official

In 2022: The Tour of Hellas will be the team's second competition of the year after the Tour of Sicily (12-15/4).

In brief
The Italians have made several changes this year, bringing in six new cyclists, in an attempt to recover from a mediocre season. The team, formerly known as Sangemini used to have in its ranks great cyclists such as Filippo Zana (7th in Giro 2021 stage) and Fabio Mazzucco, who are now competing at a higher level. The bikes they trust are Olmo.

Team Coop
Country: Norway
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: TCO
Year of Establishment: 2004
Official website:
Twitter: TeamCoopSykkel
Facebook: TeamCoopSykkel
Instagram: teamcoopsykkel

In 2022: The Norwegian team shined in Rhodes at the recent events that took place in the beautiful Greek island. Dane Louis Bendixen won the International Tour of Rhodes (2.2), as well as two stages (1 and 2), keeping alive the tradition Team Coop have built recently in this particular race. Andre Drege prevailed at the International Rhodes Grand Prix of (1.2).

In brief
It is the oldest Continental team in Norway. Several domestic cyclists have come out from its ranks. Sven Erik Bystrom emerged from Team Coop and later won the world title at Youth level (U23). For 2022 the Norwegians have chosen Factor Ostro VAM bikes.

Terengganu Polygon Cycling Team
Country: Malaysia
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: TSG
Year of Establishment: 2011
Official website:
Twitter: TSG_cyclingteam
Facebook: Terengganupolygoncyclingteam
Instagram: terengganupolygoncyclingteam/?Hl=en

In 2022: The Malay team has taken 2022 by storm! Ukrainian Anatoliy Budyak has achieved three victories: in the Tour du Rwanda (2.1) winning the 6th stage, while he won in two Turkish Grand Prix, the Mediterrennean (1.2) and Gündoğmuş (1.2). Additionally, Mohd Harrif Saleh won stages 3 and 4 at the Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorns CupTour in Thailand.

In brief
In 2019 they ranked first among all Continental teams. For nine years they’ve been the leading force in Southeast Asia. Their bikes are Polygon. Well-known old British cyclist Jeremy Hunt is in charge of Terengganu Polygon.

X-Speed ​​United
Country: Canada
Category: UCI Continental Team
Abbreviation: XSU
Year of Establishment: 2019
Official website:
Twitter: XSpeedUnited
Facebook: xspeedunited
Instagram: xspeedunited

In 2022: They participated in both Rhodes’ recent events, with Norwegian Sebastian Dreyer Heldalh bringing the best outcome - 8th at the South Aegean Tour stage 2. Greek Savvas Potsos holds a position amongst the technical directors.

In brief
They were registered at the UCI records in 2019 as a Hong Kong-based team, with Canadians and Australians also contributed to the establishment of the team. Since 2020, following the loss of the then director Andrew Seto, they represent Canada. Their objective is to work with youngsters and develop them. Their bikes are Canyon.





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