Side Events

The purpose of side events is to introduce the sport of cycling among the local communities whose cities will host the stages. Furthermore, several activities will take place before, after and during the race to promote the values of the International Tour of Hellas, the culture of cycling, and the spirit of fair play.

Road Safety on the Bike

Location: Tour of Hellas' Host Cities

During the Tour of Hellas, road safety actions will take place in local communities and schools. They will begin before the event's start and continue after its completion aiming to raise awareness on issues related to road safety.

First aid seminars will provide essential knowledge for everyone, considering the growing number of severe medical episodes in public and private spaces.

These actions are dedicated to the memory of the Greek Champion and great marathon runner, Dimitra Iordanidou. She lost her life after getting hit by a truck while cycling in Thessaloniki last November.

International Cycling Youth Days

Dates: 26th-28th April 2022
Location: Heraklion, Crete

Youth Days is the educational project of the ΔΕΗ International Tour of Hellas, involving 250 children from cycling teams of the country. The purpose of this initiative is to introduce the younger generation to the world and values of cycling, to the culture of the sport and to the spirit of fair play. These events will be held with the partnership of Hellenic Cycling Federation.

ΔΕΗ International Tour of Hellas Bike Festival

Date: April 28 2022
Location: Athens Olympic Sports Complex

All cycling fans will have their chance to watch the ΔΕΗ International Tour of Hellas's peloton closely. See what happens behind the scenes before a stage starts. In addition, an extensive range of interactive activities with a bicycle theme will be waiting for them to have fun with their bikes, combining learning and racing.

  • Open Circuit for children (6-14 years old)
  • Track para-cycling race at the Olympic Velodrome
  • National track cycling meeting
  • Skills Challenge HERO 17 UN Goals
  • Mini Baby Snake Circuit (2-6 years old)
  • 4 Cross/Eliminator school races
Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Dates: 26th April & 1st May 2022
Location: Heraklion - Ioannina

The ΔΕΗ International Tour of Hellas will officially begin with the presentation of the 20 teams on April 26 in Heraklion, Crete. At the same time, a series of events and many happenings will take place for the fans.

Also, at the finish in Ioannina, Epirus, the organizers will host a big party after the award ceremonies.

Biking with the Schools

Location: Tour of Hellas' Host Cities

"BICYCLING IN NATURE AND THE CITY" is the educational project, involving primary schools' pupils from the areas where the race will pass by. This initiative aims to introduce to the younger generation and their parents the sport of cycling and the ΔΕΗ International Tour of Hellas while addressing the issues of sustainable mobility and road safety education.

As part of this project, the children will have the chance to participate in cycling races in school units according to their age.

Skill Challenge Hero 2030

Location: Tour of Hellas' Host Cities

Become a hero cyclist and save the world! This project is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the Global Goals, which the United Nations adopted in 2015. The participants must complete a skill challenge circuit with 17 obstacles, as many as the Goals. Everyone is a winner. All participants will receive an honorary diploma of participation and numbers for their bikes.

There will also be an "Open Baby Snake Race" for our little friends of the sport. So, everyone is welcome, as long as they bring their cycling equipment and a positive mood!





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