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Stage 2 A journey from Mycenae to Kalamata

Stage 2 A journey from Mycenae to Kalamata

Stage 2

A journey from Mycenae to Kalamata

The second stage of the ΔΕΗ Tour of Hellas starts from Mycenae, the realm of king Agamemnon, and ends at the coastline of Kalamata.

The peloton will pass through Tiryns, home of the divine hero Hercules, and then will head towards Greece’s former capital Nafplio. A change of course will take them to Myloi, for the first intermediate sprint after 34.5 kilometres of ride.

Next comes the march towards Achladokampos, a village at an elevation of approximately 480m, and the first KOM of the race.

The city of Tripoli, capital of the Prefecture of Arcadia, will welcome the riders for the second intermediate sprint (79.9 km), and after they pass the outskirts of the Lykaion, the second KOM at 105.6 km in Vigles awaits them.

One of the most important energy centres in Greece, owned by the Tour’s title sponsor, ΔΕΗ is situated in Megalopolis the next city the peloton will pass through.


Stage 3 climbs conclude with the third KOM at 129.5km in the village of Paradisia at an elevation of 520m. From there, the riders will cross the fertile valley of the river Pamisos, and then move towards the town of Meligala.

A high-speed descent begins in Meligala and ends in Kalamata, a city of extraordinary beauty, built at the foot of Mount Taygetus. Kalamata was the first city to be liberated in the Greek War of Independence on March 23, 1821.

Points of interest

km 0: Start / Mycenae

km 34,5: Intermediate Sprint 1 / Myloi
km 55,8: 
ΚοΜ 1 - Cat.1 / Achladokampos
km 79,9: 
Intermediate Sprint 2 / Tripoli
km 105,6: 
ΚοΜ 2 - Cat.2 / Vigles
km 129,5: 
ΚοΜ 3 - Cat.3 / Paradeisia
km 178,3: Finish / Kalamata

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